By April 7, 2017Boutique


We are super excited to announce our newest service offering to Milwaukee area brides on a budget (which, we realize, is nearly every single bride!). Drumroll, please…….

Yes! Starting April 14th, White Dress Bridal Boutique will be offering full 90 minute appointments to brides who wish to view our collection of sample dresses and discontinued styles. Over 50 dresses will be available to try on and take home same day for $500.

Here’s everything you need to know about $500 Fridays:

  • This appointment is an excellent option for brides with Summer or early Fall 2017 wedding dates!
  • Brides booking a $500 Fridays Appointment will be shown only the collection of dresses available for $500. All other aspects of the experience will be full service.
  • $500 Fridays dresses are sample dresses, so they range from Size 10 – 24 with the vast majority being a bridal size 10 or 12.
  • $500 Fridays dresses are not available to order new.
  • $500 Fridays dresses must be paid for in full, day of.
  • $500 Fridays dresses should leave the boutique day of purchase.
  • If after your $500 Fridays appointment, you wish to see other dresses at the boutique, we’ll invite you to make a separate Bridal Appointment to do so.

As if you needed another reason to love Fridays, right?! 😉
Our suites fill up quickly each week… book your appointment today!