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By February 2, 2018Boutique

What do you get when you cross a “girl’s girl fashionista” with a hard-hitting, “tell it like it is” law student? Elle Woods!

Our incredible bridal stylist, Annabelle! Her rare blend of passionate enthusiasm and grounded practicality is exactly why brides (and pretty much everyone she meets) love her! We sat down with Annabelle between appointments earlier today to chat all things bridal and her burgeoning love for law!

Who is your favorite bridal designer and why?
Lazaro is my favorite bridal designer because the collection features so many creative twists… and sparkle!! I love the sparkle! We just received this new style below and the one I’m wearing above. They are for sure two of my favorites at the boutique currently.

What do you love most about being a bridal stylist?
Being a bridal stylist is a very unique job. Sure, it’s about fashion and getting to fall in love with each bride’s different vision for her big day, but, even more that that, I love when I’m working with a bride and it becomes obvious that I’m helping to take away stress for her during what can be a really stressful time in her life. Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking and I am very cognizant of that during my appointments. My brides have a lot going on! How can I make her experience here the best part of that process? How will I ensure our time together is something she will remember fondly with a dress she will feel confident in and treasure forever? In my previous role at Kendra Scott, in-store customer experience was also very important and I love that, at White Dress, we operate with that same ‘service first’ mindset!

Let’s do a few quickfire questions:
lace or beading?
earrings or necklace? earrings
ivory or blush? blush
hugs or kisses? hugs
peanut butter or jelly? peanut butter

Awwww, hugs! When you’re not at White Dress, where can we find you? Like most 20-somethings, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, just hanging out and keeping it fun and casual. Currently, I’m also in deep with grad work. I’m working on finishing up my master’s degree at UWW before applying to law school. I want to be an advocate for people with disabilities and  also eventually build a career in family-related social work law.

You go, girl! Speaking of Milwaukee, what is your favorite Milwaukee landmark?
The Milwaukee sunburst! Its great to see that pop of color coming around the bend during the cold and dreary winters. Its energy in the summertime is just perfect, too.

Want to work with Annabelle? Of course you do! To specially request her for your Milwaukee Bridal or Accessories Appointment, call 414-897-7208. She’s a fan favorite, so appointments with Annabelle are limited. Call now!

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