Local Love Spotlight: Heather Cook Elliott

By March 10, 2017Boutique

Southeastern Wisconsin, Milwaukee especially, is truly blessed to have so many passionate, talented professionals working on behalf of engaged couples everywhere to make dream weddings come true! One such professional is Heather Cook Elliott.

Highly recommended by brides and businesses alike, this lady is the definition of incredible. Multiple children lovingly call her “mom”, multiple brides boast about her wedding photography skills, and many in the bridal biz consider her a go-to for referrals, recommendations, and of course, rolls upon rolls of captivating images.

But, as Heather will tell you, a picture’s worth a thousand words, so, for a taste of what we’re talking about, we encourage you to check out Heather’s most recent blog post. Just click the pic below and prepare to be taken on an irresistibly sweet journey of love … WARNING: The following blog post will have you audibly ohhhh-ing and ahhhh-ing. View at work at your own risk 😉

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