Looking Beyond Pinspiration…

By April 21, 2017Boutique

You’ve probably heard that the best things to do when shopping for your wedding dress are a) keep an open mind and b) relay some sort of a vision for your big day (even if that vision is just things you know you don’t want). Often, well before your dress shopping appointment, your vision has been manifested on some sort of Pinterest board, made up of dozens of images found on, well, Pinterest. But, where else can you look for wedding day style revelations? We’ve put together a list of 5 places that don’t include “boards”, “likes”, or “followers”. No devices needed…

There’s just something about the feeling of a page in your hand and the smell of new paper that really drawers a reader in. We all love The Knot, BRIDES, Wisconsin Bride, Veil Magazine, Modern Luxury Weddings, Inside Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings… the list goes on and on! But when you’re feeling total bridal burnout, flip the pages on something totally off topic.

To find the latest trends in edible fare, try a local magazine, which will often feature new restaurants opening in your area.

For floral and tablescape inspiration, turn to your favorite architecture or home and garden magazine. If you look early enough, you may just find you have time to plant and prune your own flowers… talk about a personal touch!

Wondering where to look (besides the internet) for fashion inspiration? Head to your nearest bookstore for reads like InStyle, Vogue, or Harper’s Bazaar. Not only will your style imagination be sparked by all of the couture clothing and beautiful baubles, but you may just fall in love with a new color pairing idea, a sophisticated typography you can use for your invitations, or even a daring photo composition that would capture you and your loved one perfectly! Tres chic!

Home Sweet Home
Sometimes what you’re looking for is right under your nose! Doing a little deep dive at home is a fantastic way to generate a vision for your wedding that will feel both authentic and inspired. Open your memory box, your closet, your makeup drawer, your DVR! Finding a lot of saved concert tickets and recorded episodes of The Voice? How could that play into your overall vision for your wedding celebration? If your every day style is bursting with bright pops of color in the form of purple purses and cherry red lipsticks, perhaps that ‘all white palette’ trend you’ve been debating isn’t for you after all.

Museums & Botanical Gardens
Turn off your magic box – it’s time for a real adventure! Whether by foot, bike, or car, getting out and seeing your city’s museums, botanical gardens, historical buildings, and legendary landmarks is a wonderful way to discover new ideas for your nuptials. Showing off your corner of the world is a surefire way to treat out of town guests and is something longtime residents will appreciate. If you’re getting married in Milwaukee, consider preceding your rehearsal dinner with a brewery tour or hosting ‘the-day-after brunch’ picnic style overlooking the shores of Lake Michigan. The world is your oyster…

Your Playlist
…Ok, so this technically involves an electronic device of some sort, but, the point is to use your eyes AND ears when thinking about what moves you, what makes you feel love. Is there a song that you and your loved one consider to be “yours”? Where were you when you first heard it? Are you humming along to acoustic country or jamming out to jazz symphonies? Is there a favorite lyric that could be used as a quote on your programs or cocktail napkins?  Going through your playlist could also help you pick “must-have” songs for your reception. Who cares if you’re still toe-tapping every time BSB’s “As Long As You Love Me” comes on. If music makes you smile, run with it!

[Insert Vacation Spot Here]

When all else fails, plan a getaway. A personal retreat to “anywhere but here” or a week long stay with loved ones will recharge your planning batteries. NOT intentionally thinking about the details of your big day for a while may just be the thing you need to get back to the drawing board (or Pinterest board) feeling refreshed and reinvigorated! We’re getting the travel bug just thinking about it…