Obsession: Orchids

By February 23, 2018Boutique

If you’ve visited White Dress Bridal Boutique, you may have noticed we have a small obsession with orchids. Not only are they delicate and exotic, but, did you know that white orchids symbolize innocence, elegance, beauty? What better flower to display in a bridal boutique, right?!
In Victorian Europe, they were given as gifts of love. In ancient Japan, they were adored by royalty and seen as a symbol of wealth. Today, they are a top housewarming gift for new homeowners thanks to their beauty, variety, and longevity.

They also happen to look amazing in wedding bouquets and are not often used for such an arrangement!




While our orchids may or may not be faux (we’ll never tell…), for the freshest, most fragrant bouquets, we highly recommend working with our friends at Milwaukee Flower Company or flowers by Katie Ford in Lake Forest. These women do incredible things with florals that will simply delight¬†your senses!

What special flowers and greenery will your bouquet feature?

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