Preserving Your Wedding Dress

By November 24, 2017Boutique

Cheers, newlywed! You’ve walked down the aisle, dipped down for that first kiss, danced the night away, and jet-setted off on the honeymoon of your dreams! Now what?

Preserve your wedding dress, of course! Hopefully, you’ve been able to store your dress someplace other than your suitcase for the past few days. Even so, if your dress is looking more trashed than treasured (perhaps that last glass of champagne got a bit too friendly with the Chantilly lace adorning your wrist or your cathedral length train looks more like a trainwreck), we have just the kit to help you get your dress looking heirloom ready once again.

Our Wedding Dress Preservation Kits are an all-in-one, everything you need, pre-filled, ready to ship boxes that can be purchased at any time. Simply pick up your box from the boutique (you do NOT need to bring in your dress), follow the detailed instructions, and send it off. In a few weeks, your dress will return to you cleaned, repaired (if necessary), revitalized, and ready for whatever comes next…vow renewal ceremony, pre-owned dress sale/donation, family hand-me-down, or just a special place in your closet (and your heart!) for years to come. BONUS: White Dress brides will receive a special $25 discount on the kit.

Insider Info: Did you know, we also work one-on-one with our accessories designers to repair or replace any botched baubles purchased at White Dress Bridal Boutique? It’s extremely rare that a piece suffers a defect, but, in the event that your jewels need some TLC, we’re here for you. Call for details.

*All inquiries regarding specific repair capabilities/cleaning questions should be directed to the Wedding Gown Preservation Co.