The Stitch Sitch

By April 28, 2017Boutique
Dress Designer and Boutique Operations Director, Abby Janiszewski,
constructing a perfectly pink beaded tulle dress

More than anything, we know you’re looking for a wedding dress that flatters your figure. Of course, the neckline, the sleeve type, the silhouette, and even the color will impact the way a dress looks on one body type or another; but, did you know that the kind of fabric can also totally change the appeal of a gown? Not all sheaths are created equal! If you’ve ever pondered peau de soie or considered crepe (or you’ve never heard of either), head on over to The Knot’s Fabric Glossary for the lowdown on high-end fabrics.

If you have questions about a style you’ve spotted online, our well-versed stylists are happy to help you decipher the stitch sitch on any of our designer dresses… just call!