At White Dress, we provide
an exceptional, exclusive, individualized experience for each and every bride as she embraces her journey from Miss to Mrs…

From the moment you book your appointment with us, you will realize the White Dress experience is unique. Your vision for your wedding dress shopping experience and the dress you’ve dreamed of are becoming a reality. You envision yourself walking down the aisle in this dress, reciting your vows in this dress, light playfully bouncing off this dress as you dance the night away with friends and family, and then, as you enter the boutique- a spark!– it all begins to come together.

Plenty of natural light and plush seating make our boutique the ideal space for you to take center stage in the dress of your dreams. In addition to our immaculately clean and capacious “show-off” spaces, we have generously sized, private dressing rooms outfitted for the bride’s ultimate comfort and convenience.

Our appointments are an hour and a half in length, during which time we get to know you while catering to your every need – from hair-bands to high heels – and, of course, the finest selection of wedding dresses and accessories – we provide it all! No detail is overlooked.

Your time at our boutique is incredibly special- managed by an elite team with a flow that allows you and your guests to fully engage in the experience and live in that moment as long as possible- that serene, pure, serendipitous moment- that moment when you discover you are standing in your dream dress!

Basking In the Afterglow Of A Dream Come True

Once you’ve found your dream dress, rest assured that our extremely knowledgeable associates will walk you through the details of your purchase, present financing options, thoroughly explain the ordering process and timeline, develop a pick-up plan with you, make personal recommendations for alterations and other wedding industry vendors you may be seeking, and we’ll answer your wedding dress cleaning and preservation questions. We are here for you.

Nearby Favorites

Within blocks of White Dress Bridal Boutique, you’ll find that there are plenty of restaurants, shopping, and coffee shops at which to celebrate your dress!

Here are some of our Milwaukee favorites: