Promo Alert: Orders Rush FREE Through 3/31

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Brides, your wedding dress shopping experience should be STRESS. FREE. It should be fun! You should feel totally fabulous when you find the one, and, you should never feel pressured to say yes before you’re truly ready. Even if your wedding is now less than six months away…

That’s why, all month long, we’re covering the designers’ rush fees for you. If you need your wedding dress before the end of October 2018, there’s a good chance the designer will charge a rush fee in order to guarantee a timely delivery. That fee varies by designer and your specific wear date, but, the charges can be as much as $250. Say yes at White Dress this month, and we’ll take care of those fees for you! Your dream dress really is soooo much dreamier if you get it on time and on budget.

Don’t wait to book your bridal appointment! This promotion is only valid for brides who purchase 3/9 – 3/31.
Appointment availability is limited. Call or email for questions/details.

Milwaukee: 414-897-7208 or
Lake Forest: 847-604-3187 or


Everyone’s Talking About…

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At White Dress, we’re all about creating an exceptional, exclusive, individualized wedding dress shopping experience for you and your entourage to enjoy. From the moment you book your appointment, our entire process is designed to make sure you are personally cared for and comfortable during this exciting time in your life!

And, while no two bridal appointments (or wedding day styles) are the same, there are some hot topics that seem to be on everyone’s mind recently…

Are colored wedding dresses (blush, champagne, etc.) just a fad? Can they still be timeless?
While we are seeing a return to the classic ivories, creams, and whites, there is no shortage of color at our boutique. And, we love that color is turning up in really creative ways this season. Think blush and misty blue dress linings, champagne laces, and metallic beading in golds, silvers, opals, and rose golds.  Your mom’s poofy-sleeved wedding dress may not be “ready-to-wear” today, but, the fact that she wore it makes it special. Your dress, whether it’s a classic, ivory lace ballgown, or a blush beaded mermaid, will carry that same sentimental value twenty years from now. Feeling your best on your wedding day never goes out of style!

Allison Webb (Milwaukee)

Watters (Milwaukee + Lake Forest)

Enzoani (Milwaukee + Lake Forest)

Kelly Faetanini (Lake Forest)
Available By Special Request

Since this is a Fall (or Spring) dress – does that mean it is meant to be worn for that season?
The “season” of a dress refers simply to when the designer premiered the style. There may be elements of a FW18 (Fall/Winter 2018) dress that speak to you and the vision you have for your June wedding… that is totally normal. Designers premier new collections twice a year at the equivalent of bridal “Fashion Week” (once in March/April and once in October). Dresses that premier in the spring are part of the “Fall” collection. We do our best to keep our inventory fresh. When styles are discontinued or more than a few seasons old, they are lovingly moved to our “OffWhite” selection where brides can purchase the dress out of inventory. The most important thing about any dress in the boutique is whether or not you love it!

Martina Liana (Milwaukee)

Chic Nostalgia (Milwaukee)

Mikaella Bridal (Lake Forest)

How can two dresses that look similar be priced so differently?
Price is a reflection of fabric, construction or structure, and branding. One unembellished fit and flare may be a beautiful silk zibeline while the other may be a high quality silk taffeta. The less expensive dress is likely less structured with a less refined finish or seam detail. And, of course, like all things in fashion, there is an exclusivity factor. Some designers price lower because they are a volume retailer. They can sell to boutiques that cater to brides with widely varying budgets. Others are purposefully less advertised, stocked in fewer boutiques, and hand-made one at a time. Thus, they take on a more exclusive or couture ‘feel’. No matter the label or the fabric, when you find yourself absolutely in love with a particular dress, and it’s within your desired budget, that is priceless.

Maggie Sottero (Milwaukee)

Atelier Pronovias (Lake Forest)

See what else everyone’s talking about this Sunday at Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride! So many of our favorite Milwaukee wedding vendors will be joining us at The PfisterFront Room Photography, Hospitality Democracy (better known as Holey Moley Donuts, Onesto, Smoke Shack, etc.), Blooming Quill, Wisconsin Bride MagazineDynamic Events by David Caruso… the list goes on and on!

Obsession: Orchids

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If you’ve visited White Dress Bridal Boutique, you may have noticed we have a small obsession with orchids. Not only are they delicate and exotic, but, did you know that white orchids symbolize innocence, elegance, beauty? What better flower to display in a bridal boutique, right?!
In Victorian Europe, they were given as gifts of love. In ancient Japan, they were adored by royalty and seen as a symbol of wealth. Today, they are a top housewarming gift for new homeowners thanks to their beauty, variety, and longevity.

They also happen to look amazing in wedding bouquets and are not often used for such an arrangement!




While our orchids may or may not be faux (we’ll never tell…), for the freshest, most fragrant bouquets, we highly recommend working with our friends at Milwaukee Flower Company or flowers by Katie Ford in Lake Forest. These women do incredible things with florals that will simply delight your senses!

What special flowers and greenery will your bouquet feature?

New Arrivals Alert!

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Ahhh, the week of Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air for everyone. Whether you cuddled up with your fur babies or coupled up with your bae, we hope it was extra sweet and special.

We were lucky enough at White Dress to cozy up to some BRAND NEW ARRIVALS – perfect timing for all of you lucky ladies who spent the week gushing over your new engagement ring and retelling your “How He Asked” story to anyone and everyone who would listen. Swoon! Now, let’s find your wedding dress!


Featured Designers: Lazaro, Allison Webb, Paloma Blanca


Featured Designers: Kelly Faetanini, Willowby, Wtoo, Legends by Romona Keveza

One of these styles giving you all the feels? Keep the love going by scheduling your first Bridal Appointment! We can’t wait to celebrate you and your love story!

Meet Annabelle!

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What do you get when you cross a “girl’s girl fashionista” with a hard-hitting, “tell it like it is” law student? Elle Woods!

Our incredible bridal stylist, Annabelle! Her rare blend of passionate enthusiasm and grounded practicality is exactly why brides (and pretty much everyone she meets) love her! We sat down with Annabelle between appointments earlier today to chat all things bridal and her burgeoning love for law!

Who is your favorite bridal designer and why?
Lazaro is my favorite bridal designer because the collection features so many creative twists… and sparkle!! I love the sparkle! We just received this new style below and the one I’m wearing above. They are for sure two of my favorites at the boutique currently.

What do you love most about being a bridal stylist?
Being a bridal stylist is a very unique job. Sure, it’s about fashion and getting to fall in love with each bride’s different vision for her big day, but, even more that that, I love when I’m working with a bride and it becomes obvious that I’m helping to take away stress for her during what can be a really stressful time in her life. Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking and I am very cognizant of that during my appointments. My brides have a lot going on! How can I make her experience here the best part of that process? How will I ensure our time together is something she will remember fondly with a dress she will feel confident in and treasure forever? In my previous role at Kendra Scott, in-store customer experience was also very important and I love that, at White Dress, we operate with that same ‘service first’ mindset!

Let’s do a few quickfire questions:
lace or beading?
earrings or necklace? earrings
ivory or blush? blush
hugs or kisses? hugs
peanut butter or jelly? peanut butter

Awwww, hugs! When you’re not at White Dress, where can we find you? Like most 20-somethings, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, just hanging out and keeping it fun and casual. Currently, I’m also in deep with grad work. I’m working on finishing up my master’s degree at UWW before applying to law school. I want to be an advocate for people with disabilities and  also eventually build a career in family-related social work law.

You go, girl! Speaking of Milwaukee, what is your favorite Milwaukee landmark?
The Milwaukee sunburst! Its great to see that pop of color coming around the bend during the cold and dreary winters. Its energy in the summertime is just perfect, too.

Want to work with Annabelle? Of course you do! To specially request her for your Milwaukee Bridal or Accessories Appointment, call 414-897-7208. She’s a fan favorite, so appointments with Annabelle are limited. Call now!

PLEASE VOTE! Wisconsin Bride Magazine: Best of 2018

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Voting has now opened for Wisconsin Bride Magazine’s “Best 0f 2018” Awards and we would LOVE your vote this year!

In 2017, we proudly took home the award for “Best Luxury Bridal Gowns”! Will you help us win again?

White Dress Bridal Boutique is eligible to win in the following categories:

· Best Bridal Gowns on a Budget
· Best Luxury Bridal Gowns (2017 Winner)
· Best Accessories
· Top of the Tiara

In order for your votes to count, you must fill in SIX categories total. Here are our recommendations for other amazing wedding vendors worthy of a Best of 2018 win. In addition to your votes for White Dress Bridal Boutique, be sure to include at least two of these categories on your ballot before hitting SUBMIT!

· Best Custom Dressmaker: Abby Lynn Bridal
· Best Florist: Milwaukee Flower Co.
· Best Cakes: Simma’s
· Best Calligrapher: Blooming Quill
· Best Invitations: Coqui
· Best Jeweler: Lyle Husar
· Best Wedding Planner: Weddings With A Twist


Somebody “Reign” Us In: Watters Spring 2018 Is Breathtaking!

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My oh my… the Watters Spring 2018 Reign Collection has us feeling royally thrilled to be partnered with the designer at both the Milwaukee, WI and Lake Forest, IL bridal boutique.

The styles are inspired by none other than Grace (Kelly), Princess of Monaco. Opulent embellishments, ultra-soft English netting, and lady-like silks come together in stunning fashion to create wedding dresses fit for, well, a princess! The lookbook is so moody and dreamy, we just had to share a few of our favorites…






If your wedding day vision includes tiaras, cathedral-length veils, heirloom worthy details, and a touch of that tight-lipped sophistication, these dresses will have you saying YES! in no time… pinkies up on your champagne toast? We won’t judge…

Love Is In The Details: Veils

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This is the one time in your life you’ll have the opportunity to wear a veil!“… If you’ve been wedding dress shopping, you’ve likely heard your stylist (or your loving mom!) utter this phrase. And, it’s true! But, where did the idea of wearing a veil come from? What are the most common veil lengths? Is a blusher a thing anymore? Let’s talk details…

Annie Veil | Sara Gabriel

Historically speaking, veils were worn by brides to protect them from evil spirits as they made their way toward their betrothed. In religious ceremonies, veils have also been worn as a symbol of a bride’s purity, modesty, and obedience. Fast forward a few centuries and veils are still a statement-making accessory donned by brides the world over. Whether your veil is worn as a traditional symbol of reverence or a dramatic fashion statement, in our book, it’s a must-have!

Veil Lengths
There are typically 6 different veil lengths you’ll find at a bridal boutique. Here, we detail the favorites from shortest to longest:

These veils are short and sweet, often simple in decoration and varying in length from 20″ to 30″. They work well to balance dresses that have eye-catching details/patterns or plunging necklines.

An elbow-length veil is, well, elbow-length. Often, these veils have a cascading style that flatters the face and décolletage while providing a modest “coverage” of the shoulder. They work well with a variety of dress styles and can be adorned with appliqués, crystals, bows, or lace edging for added dimension.

Like elbow-length veils, fingertip veils are very versatile and come in a variety of styles. Fingertip length veils play very well with fitted wedding dress styles, such as fit and flare or mermaid. Because they end right around a bride’s hip in the back, they are an excellent choice for showing off a dress’ intricate back detail. If you plan to wear your veil all night, you can rest assured this length will not interfere with your sweet dance moves!

The waltz length veil gives the bride all the dazzle and none of the drag. Hitting between 60″ – 70″ (below the knee, but not to the floor), this style is wearable all night and is a wonderful option for dresses that have elaborate train detail worthy of full display.

The chapel length veil is fantastic for brides who want to have that bridal moment in a train-less sheath style dress. This length (which can vary from 72″ – 90″) is also a great option for brides who want to add detail to an otherwise simple dress train… think lace-edged veil atop a silk dress or a crystal dusted veil layered over a plain tulle skirt.  Sweep length veils are also ideal for brides who will be walking down a shorter aisle that doesn’t have “room” for a cathedral length veil.

Bring on the drama! This mother of all veils is unmistakably big and bold. There will be no guessing who the bride is in this style. And, while cathedral veils are beautiful on their own, they look especially regal when paired with crowns, tiaras, and combs (which come in handy when, inevitably, you remove your larger-than-life veil for the reception). Cathedral length veils typically start at 108″. Fun fact: Princess Diana’s veil of the century required a whopping 150 yards of netting!! Talk about a princess bride!

Bonus: Birdcages & Blushers
For a really retro look, consider rocking a birdcage! These little beauties make a big statement and can be dressed up with crystals (or feathers!) or left unembellished. They are the perfect complement to statement earrings!

Ahhh, the blusher – the essence of bridal allure and romance. If you’ve even thought about wearing a blusher with your veil, we say go for it! It makes for a truly special moment when you unveil your face that last time before saying “I do!”.

**Don’t miss the opportunity to work one-on-one with our incredible veil designers at White Dress Bridal Boutique!**
Renee Pawele | Milwaukee 2/23 – 25, Lake Forest 3/2 – 4
Sara Gabriel | Milwaukee 5/19 – 20

#WHITEDRESSBRIDE Anna (Bruders) Sladky

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As we prepare to count down to 2018, let’s take a moment to celebrate one #whitedressbride, Anna, who took NYE celebrations to the next level exactly one year ago today with her splendid New Year’s Eve wedding at The Pfister Hotel!

 Does it get any more fun and fabulous than this?!

Now that’s how you have a winter wedding! Cheers to Anna and Joey on your 1 year anniversary! 

Photographer: Beau Petersen Photography
L6132 | Legends by Romona Keveza
Accessories: Fur: Linda Richards, Necklace and Earrings: Renee Pawele, Hair Comb: Angel Rivera
Venues:  The Pfister Hotel, The Wisconsin Club, Cafe Bavaria, Character D Films

Cheers to #whitedressbride, Sierra, and #whitedressbride, Brittney, who will be ringing in 2018 by celebrating their nuptials tonight! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… 🍾✨ 🎊 👰🏻 💕

Sneak Peak: Allison Webb New York

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If you fell in love with Augusta on our Facebook page this week, you’re going to be absolutely smitten with the entire Allison Webb New York collection! We are positively giddy to welcome her dresses to our Milwaukee boutique this spring.

Allison Webb’s collection is the embodiment of elevated elegance. Filled with clean lines, exquisite laces, and touches of delicate embroideries, the gowns are hand-crafted to amplify a bride’s natural beauty. The designs, like the AW bride, are refined, modern, and imbued with a timeless sense of polish and sophistication.

This is the kind of collection that will make you wonder why you can’t get married every day! How is a girl to choose just one…

Which of these devastatingly beautiful dresses is calling your name?

White Dress Bridal Boutique is the exclusive Allison Webb New York partner in Wisconsin. Book your Spring 2018 appointment early!

5 Reasons To Shop OffWhite Right Now!

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At White Dress Bridal Boutique, we believe that each and every bride deserves an exceptional, exclusive, individualized wedding dress shopping experience on her journey from Miss to Mrs.

That is why we keep an incredible selection of sample wedding dresses for sale – right from the rack! These OffWhite dresses are ideal for brides who, for one reason or another, would not benefit from our 90-minute Bridal Appointment experience.

Here are 5 reasons you should shop OffWhite right now!

  1. Your wedding is right around the corner… as in “I’m tying the knot in 3 months (or less!).” A specially ordered dress can take up to 6 months to arrive from the designer. If your timeline is tight, OffWhite is the way to go!
  2. Your absolute maximum budget is $1,650. OffWhite dresses are $625 – $2,795 with all but 5 styles available for under $1,650.
  3. OffWhite dresses are not your average “sample sale dresses”. They are essentially brand new and it shows – most have been in the boutique for less than 1 year and many have been tried on less than 5 times.
  4. You’d rather buy online. Yes, every OffWhite style is available to purchase through our online shop. You pay. We package. You receive your new wedding dress in less than 2 weeks. How simple is that?!
  5. We just added over 30 new dresses! You’ll find a huge variety of styles – from casual beaded sheaths to a formal, fashion-forward blush silk hi-low. If you’ve dreamed it, chances are, we have a version of it!

Call 414-897-7208 or email to book your OffWhite appointment in Milwaukee today!

Please note: OffWhite appointments are available Wednesdays – Fridays only. All OffWhite dresses are Bridal size 8-12 (will fit brides who are street size 4-10). All OffWhite dress sales are final.

Love You, Too!

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We are so grateful to all of the brides who have taken the time to review their experience with us online! Our love for all things bridal runs deep and we genuinely LOVE working with every bride who chooses to shop with us – many of whom choose to do so thanks to online reviews like yours.

Thank you!

If you’re considering visiting White Dress, we encourage you to read a few of our recent reviews on Facebook, Google, or The Knot! We look forward to meeting you!

Preserving Your Wedding Dress

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Cheers, newlywed! You’ve walked down the aisle, dipped down for that first kiss, danced the night away, and jet-setted off on the honeymoon of your dreams! Now what?

Preserve your wedding dress, of course! Hopefully, you’ve been able to store your dress someplace other than your suitcase for the past few days. Even so, if your dress is looking more trashed than treasured (perhaps that last glass of champagne got a bit too friendly with the Chantilly lace adorning your wrist or your cathedral length train looks more like a trainwreck), we have just the kit to help you get your dress looking heirloom ready once again.

Our Wedding Dress Preservation Kits are an all-in-one, everything you need, pre-filled, ready to ship boxes that can be purchased at any time. Simply pick up your box from the boutique (you do NOT need to bring in your dress), follow the detailed instructions, and send it off. In a few weeks, your dress will return to you cleaned, repaired (if necessary), revitalized, and ready for whatever comes next…vow renewal ceremony, pre-owned dress sale/donation, family hand-me-down, or just a special place in your closet (and your heart!) for years to come. BONUS: White Dress brides will receive a special $25 discount on the kit.

Insider Info: Did you know, we also work one-on-one with our accessories designers to repair or replace any botched baubles purchased at White Dress Bridal Boutique? It’s extremely rare that a piece suffers a defect, but, in the event that your jewels need some TLC, we’re here for you. Call for details.

*All inquiries regarding specific repair capabilities/cleaning questions should be directed to the Wedding Gown Preservation Co.

Fabric 411: Silks

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No matter what kind of vision you may have for your wedding dress, we can all agree that fit and fabric quality reign supreme as the most important factors considered when selecting the one. Few fabrics can compete with the ever-popular, ever-elegant silk.

From slinky to structured, there are hundreds of variations of this material dating back to Empress Hsi Ling Shi (3000 BC)! Sounds even more overwhelming than narrowing down the guest list? Here, we showcase just a few of our favorites:

Silk Zibeline – Martina Liana (914)

Well-known for being exceptionally sturdy and very easy to sew, this stunning fabric holds full shape when draped and adds crispness without weight.

Silk Dupioni – Paloma Blanca (4733)

This generally two-color hand-woven silk produces a slight shine/iridescent quality is formed from double cocoons. The fabric is typically “coarse” to the touch.

Silk Shantung Taffeta – Legends by Romona Keveza (L8132: shown with blouse)

Shantung is a type of machine-woven silk fabric historically from the province of Shandong. It is similar to Dupioni, but is slightly thinner and less irregular. The taffeta finish gives this fabric a crisp, smooth appearance.

Silk Georgette – Theia (Nava)

Georgette refers to a thin, matte, semi-transparent fabric with a dry hand and grainy surface due to the high twist per inch of the warp and weft threads.

Silk Mikado – Kelly Faetanini (Aster)

One of the heaviest silks, mikado is an excellent choice for brides who will marry in cooler months. The silk is blended with nylon to create a structured feel as seen in the bodice of this beautiful Kelly Faetanini gown.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year: Boutique Events & Holiday Hours

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We can practically smell the turkeys roasting and the hear the carolers caroling… the holidays are here!

The end of the year can be particularly exciting for newly engaged brides! Having everyone gathered together for the holidays makes for an ideal time to book your wedding dress shopping or bridal accessories shopping experience.

To sweeten the season, we have lined up THREE incredible series of events at the boutique now through Christmas:

November 17 – 19: Watters “Best Of” Event

December 8 – 23: Alessandra Rinaudo Bridal Couture Preview

December 15 – 17: Martina Liana Designer Preview

Weekends through the end of the year are filling up fast! We strongly encourage you to book your appointment as far in advance as possible.

Holiday Hours at White Dress Bridal Boutique in Milwaukee are as follows:

Thursday, November 23rd: CLOSED for Thanksgiving
Friday, November 24th: 11am – 5pm (Regular Business Hours – By Appointment Only)

Sunday, December 24th: CLOSED for Christmas Eve

Sunday, December 31st: CLOSED for New Year’s Eve

For your convenience, the CLOSED dates indicated above have been blocked off in our online appointment scheduler. If you have questions about an upcoming boutique event, or our holiday hours, please call 414-897-7208 or email


Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride 2018

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Fall/Winter 2018 brides, have you purchased your dress but can’t decide on the rest? May we recommend that you mark your calendars for Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride? This annual showcase of Milwaukee’s premier wedding vendors will be taking place Sunday, March 04, 2018 at The Pfister and tickets are on sale now.

This invite only event brings brides and businesses together for one spectacular afternoon of all things wedding planning! A limited number of vendors are hand selected by a committee of area artisans to showcase products and services that will appeal to Milwaukee’s most discerning couples.  You’ll enjoy sampling sweets from Simma’s Bakery, flipping through photo albums with Front Room Photography,  shopping for show-stopping wedding bands with Lyle Husar Designs, diving into day-of details with Dynamic Events by David Caruso …and so much more! Live music, live models, and treats galore. Plan your wedding in a day – make memories for a lifetime.

For questions about the show, or tickets, please call 414-897-7208. We hope to see you there!

As Seen In…

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We are so excited for #whitedress bride, Erin, who was featured this week on the national bridal blog The Black Tie Bride! If “black tie”, “formal”, “elegant”, “traditional”, “fancy”, “classy”, or just downright “knock your socks off gorgeous” are ways you’d describe your wedding style, this blog is a can’t miss read… So. Much. Inspiration.

View all of the iconic & enduring goodness from Erin’s big day at the Milwaukee Art Museum and fall in love with Heather Cook Elliott’s fabulous photography at the link. Seriously… have you ever seen pheasant feathers look so chic?!

We couldn’t agree more: classic never goes out of style. Cheers!



There’s A New Reason To Cheers!

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Brides in Milwaukee, Chicago, and everywhere in between – there’s a new reason to Cheers! We are thrilled to announce the opening of a SECOND White Dress location. Opening January 2018 in Lake Forest, IL!

Wait until you see what we do to White Dress-ify this space!! 

We wouldn’t be able to do what we love and go where we want to grow without all of our truly beautiful brides… THANK YOU for choosing White Dress! We are SO excited to grow our #whitedressbride family both here at our flagship Milwaukee location and in Lake Forest, IL.

This is going to be one incredible journey! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @whitedressbridalboutique for sneak peaks of the new space, designer details and additions, and interviews with our White Dress Lake Forest team now through January 3rd.

Plan on wedding dress shopping in 2018? Don’t wait – book your White Dress Lake Forest appointment now!


Look Legendary In New Legends by Romona Keveza

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Scouring the interwebs for photos of wedding dress inspiration, you’ll no doubt find countless images of what seems like the same wedding dress 50 different ways. So many of them are absolutely beautiful… seriously, some days even we have a hard time helping a bride narrow it down to ‘the one’!

But, sometimes, you come across an image of a dress unlike any other you’ve seen before… sometimes, you find a dress that instantly feels legendary. Cue the new styles from Romona Keveza’s Spring 2018 Legends collection.

These stunners are standouts in every way. From the way they appear in photos to the way they fit and feel in real life on real brides of all different figures. From Swarovski crystal buttons and silk shantung fabrics to the gardenia and French embroidered Chantilly laces. These dresses are wearable art. They are… legendary.



They’ve just started arriving at White Dress Bridal Boutique and, while they’re not for every bride, one of these styles may just be for you! Will you say YES to a Legends by Romona Keveza dress?


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There is so much to love about #whitedressmkebride Lisa’s Labor Day wedding style! We cannot get over your cascading hairdo, all the bright pops of color from your florals and bridesmaid frocks, and, of course, your gorgeous Sottero and Midgley dress, made even more perfect by your custom plunge detail across the front (check out that matching illusion and beadwork!).

Even a bit of drizzle from the heavens couldn’t dampen your bridal bliss… you are simply stunning!







Photography: Anna Bayliss
Dress: Amelie | Sottero and Midgley
Venue: The Bull at Pinehurst Farms

To view more photos of Lisa’s big day (…seriously, this happy couple gives us all the feels!), simply click here.

Cheers to a lifetime of love and laughter, Lisa & Jared!

Whatever Your Heart Desires

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Brides – are you craving a custom wedding dress? Whether you know before you even begin looking that you want something all your own or you just haven’t had luck finding ‘the one’ at boutiques in your area, going ‘one of a kind’ is definitely trending up!

That’s why White Dress Bridal Boutique has partnered with several world-class designers who offer brides the ability to customize their designs – from necklines to hemlines and practically anything in between.

Shorten or lengthen a train? – almost any designer is able do that for you. But, what if you want the top of one dress and the bottom of a totally different dress? Or, what if you fall in love with the bodice and skirt of a strapless style, but you really want it to have sleeves? Plunging neckline a little too plunging or illusion showing a little too much skin? Wish those lace covered buttons were actually crystals? These designers will go above and beyond to work with us and our brides to create a look you will truly love! If you can dream it, chances are – they will do it!

Kelly Faetanini


Angel Rivera


Martina Liana



Enjoy Wisconsin’s best wedding dress shopping experience AND say “I do!” in a custom wedding dress, exclusively at White Dress Bridal Boutique!

Find The Right One With ‘White One’

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You’ve likely seen or heard of the international powerhouse bridal designer “Pronovias Fashion Group”. Brides rave about the premier “Pronovias” collection at White Dress and now, we’re giving lace loving brides even more to love!

New to Milwaukee, White Dress Bridal Boutique is the exclusive area retailer for Pronovias’ “White One”. This exquisite division is ideal for the bride seeking a truly timeless wedding gown for under $1,700. Delicate lace appliqués and perfectly placed embellishments create the epitome of elegance.




New styles are arriving daily… Be one of the first to try them on.

You could just find the right one with “White One”!


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Each September, we start to make room for our newest Spring 2018 arrivals by offering extreme discounts on select dress samples throughout the boutique. And, guess what? IT’S SEPTEMBER and we have ~ 100 styles on sale!!

This year, the discounts are better than ever with dresses in the sale priced at either $500 or $1000. Period. ALL DRESSES IN THE SALE are yours for either $500 or $1000.








These designer dresses, originally priced $1,200 to $5,500, have spent less than 2 years in the boutique, are fashionably fabulous, and are in excellent condition. Dresses are Bridal Size 8 – 14. Try It. Buy It. Take It!

…and, did we mention that select accessories are 50% off as well? That includes veils, belts/sashes, headpieces, bracelets, earrings, and more.


White Dress Bridal Boutique
Tuesdays beginning 09/05
12pm – 7pm

No appointment necessary
Walk right in!
No more than 4 people in a group, please.
Cash/Credit only
No holds
All dresses/accessories are sold as-is.
No returns, exchanges, or refunds will be issued.
All sales are final.

Please note, sale dresses are available for viewing and trying on on Tuesdays ONLY.

Questions about the sale? Feel free to give us a call Tuesday – Sunday or email

But, Have You Thought About These 4?

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Sure, you’ve scoured Pinterest, Instagram, and your favorite bridal mags for wedding dress inspiration – there is SO MUCH to consider! But, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, if you find yourself feeling like nothing you’re seeing is really “you“, really matching your vision for your wedding day, think about this:

Your Own Closet
The person wearing your wedding dress is going to be you – don’t forget that. It sounds silly and extremely obvious, but it’s easy to get wrapped up in an idea of a wedding that, after a while, can start to feel forced. Take a look around your own closet for style inspiration. Are you into neutrals? Perhaps color makes your heart sing!

Kudos to you if your closet looks even half this organized…

Is your everyday style more J. Crew or more Nasty Gal? Sure, it’s fun to dream about taking a departure from the everyday, but, you still want to feel comfortable. If you’re a more conservative lady on the daily, consider how you might feel in a lace bolero or traditional silhouette. If you love color, think about incorporating a colored sash or a bright, happy floral crown. Start your style search by thinking about being the best, most beautiful version of yourself.

Your Parents’ Wedding Album
Yes, we’ve all seen the photos….


…and while you might not be caught dead in a mutton sleeve or high volume veil, you may subconsciously (or quite intentionally) find yourself longing to infuse elements of your parents’ wedding day style into your own. After years of looking at the wedding portrait on your parents’ mantle, perhaps the idea of a long sleeve (shoulder pads not included), or a lace trim blusher, or the use of baby’s breath, or a certain fabric just feels right, feels like home. Go with it! What a wonderful way to honor mom’s style and marriage!

Your Friends’ Wedding Photos
Checking out photos from boutiques and designers’ social media accounts are absolutely wonderful, but, sometimes the best inspiration comes from looking at photos of real brides… how does that all crepe sheath look “in real life”? How did your friend Olivia pull off that “backless” showstopper of a dress… and that veil! Will my photos look weird if my bridesmaids all wear a different color (answer: no way!)?

                                                     #whitedressmkebride, Olivia | Danielle Rider Photography

Turning to photos from real weddings (especially those you attended for those you admire) is a wonderful way to determine what kinds of dresses will appeal to you.

Your Fiancé
Ask him what he thinks! Because, really, at the end of the day, you and your fiancé are the only two people whose opinions matter 💕


#whitedressmkebride, Lauren | Elizabeth Haase Photography

You Said YES! What’s Next?

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Cheers to you! You said YES! Once you’ve caught your breath and your cheeks have stopped hurting from smiling so much, pause. Pause to take one more long, deep breath. Enjoy the moment…. your moment <3


Photo Credit: Heather Cook Elliott

What’s Next?

Start with the 4 Ps

Discuss with your fiancé (and any wedding VIPs – i.e. your parents) where you see yourselves tying the knot. Your wedding day could easily include multiple locations (a ceremony site, a cocktail hour site, and a dinner/dancing site) and you’ll need to make sure that each place has availability on the date you wish to get married. If you’re planning on inviting out-of-town guests, “places” may also mean arranging overnight accommodations. Booking as far in advance as possible is the best way to ensure availability. For a Saturday during peak season, many high profile reception sites in the Greater Milwaukee area are booked 12-16 months in advance. Consider a Friday night fête or a “Sunday Funday” if your dream location is already reserved on the weekend you desire.

Photography Credit: Uttke Photography | Location: Cuvée


Pocketbook Matters
To make things easier on everyone, determine major pocketbook matters right away. Will you and your fiancé be paying for your wedding in full? Will your parents be covering costs for the entire affair? Will your partner’s parents be contributing financially? The average wedding in Wisconsin is $34,000, however, your wedding cost be far less (or far more) based on any number of factors. Bottom line – once the budget for your big day is determined, stick to it (it’s harder than it seems – 45% of couples go over budget)! Consider the overall total and prioritize accordingly.

Photography Credit: Heather Cook Elliott

How many people do you and your partner plan to invite? If there are conflicts in deciding who gets an invite, refer to venue capacity and budget.
Photography Credit: Front Room Photography | Venue: Westmoor Country Club

And then there are your VIPs – the girls and guys closest to you. They’ll not only be at the party – you want them in the party. Once you’ve selected your trustworthy, reliable, bestie of all besties Maid Of Honor, much of the planning can become a team effort, and when possible, logistics can be handed off entirely! How great is that?! (Don’t forget to give her a special thank you gift in the days leading up to or immediately following your wedding – chances are, by then she’s more than earned it!)

Photography Credit: Robyn Vining


Getting an idea of generally what style dress you are looking for is not only fun, but it can be really helpful once you are ready to start shopping for your dress. Make a physical inspiration board with tear outs from magazines or scour Pinterest and Instagram for images. Look for environmental clues in the pictures… colors, florals, venue type – a ballgown in an ultra modern venue may feel out of place – or it may be the exact kind of striking juxtaposition you hoped for! These kinds of visual clues can help you envision what you’ll look like in that style on your big day. If you go the digital route, be prepared to share photos with your stylist. We love that! Then, be prepared to keep an open mind… what you see on a model in a photo may end up being precisely what you look like in that crepe halter sheath…. or it may not. Remember, every body type is different and what looks great in a picture may not give you the feeling you were hoping for. And, THAT’s what’s truly important.

Got it! I think I’m ready to start looking for my dress… any tips?

If you’ve done your due diligence with the 4 Ps, shopping for your wedding dress and bridal accessories should be a totally fun, exciting experience! Knowing your budget and style preferences before going to any appointment is key. After that, we recommend simply keeping the following in mind:

Less Is More (2-3 people at the appointment)
Since August 2015, we’ve worked with thousands of brides and we can honestly say – the best appointments have been those where the bride is accompanied by only her dearest friends and family. If you’re having trouble deciding who you should bring along, try asking yourself this question: Who were the first 3 people I told about my engagement one-on-one? There’s your answer! Yes – we have plenty of brothers who come along. Yes – we have plenty of mother-in-laws. Have little ones in your life? We’ll never say no to bringing along a smiling (or sleeping!) child 🙂  Everyone’s group is different and that’s part of what makes our job so fun and your experience so uniquely yours! Less is more.

Feel like you’re leaving someone out? Or you wanted your whole bridal party of 8 to be included in the process? If this is how you truly feel, why not invite the larger group to your Pick Up or Accessories Appointment? You’ll avoid the “too many cooks in the kitchen” situation when selecting your dress BUT, they’ll  all feel important being a part of your very first big reveal! We LOVE when brides go this route. It is SO much fun!

Don’t Fight the Feeling
If you happen to find your dream dress during your very first appointment, lucky you! Don’t fight the feeling. We totally understand if you have a full day of appointments booked and you want your group to have that “full shopping experience” with you. But, when you feel like you’ve found the one – say yes! We will never tell you to “cancel your other appointments!” but, we would encourage you to remember, you started your day looking for that dress, the one you love – not necessarily a shop til you drop extravaganza that leaves everyone exhausted just for the sake of shopping. Should you find yourself standing in your wedding dress by 10:45am on your first Saturday out, use the unanticipated “extra time” with your gals to grab a nice lunch/dinner or a group mani/pedi. Celebrate – you found your dress!


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Photography Credit: @meganpalama

Designers Work On A Timeline, Too.
Photo Credit: @itsmetiffyt

Wedding in September? Your wedding dress shopping experience may very well start in snow boots! That is normal and working that far out is highly recommended. Ordering a wedding dress is typically a 6-9 month process. Most of the designers we work with work on a “made to measure” timeline and sourcing all of the materials to even start the creation of your dress takes time. Some dresses are coming from overseas which also takes time. And, you don’t want to forget about alterations – which 99.99% of dresses WILL need if you want that absolutely flawless fit (trust us – you do!). The longer you wait, the more you risk incurring rush charges from both the designer and your alterations specialist. Save yourself the stress and extra investment. Start shopping early! You won’t regret it.

Planning your wedding will be a process – no matter how organized you and your bride tribe are! It’s your own special journey from Miss to Mrs… Remember to enjoy it and take lots of photos. You’ll be going from “I Do!” to “I Did!” before you know it…

Photography Credit: Michelle Kujawski Photography

#WHITEDRESSMKEBRIDE: Rhonda (Schmitt) Randall

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Rhonda’s October wedding in Okauchee, Wisconsin was nothing short of breathtaking and is getting us very excited for all of our Fall 2017 brides! In a setting that provided everything you could want in a fall waterfront wedding, the bride absolutely dazzled in her dress and custom sewn lace bolero…

Brides-to-be will surely agree – Rhonda, you made one gorgeous #whitedressmkebride!

Cheers to Rhonda and Travis!

Photography: Artist Group Photography & Video
Dress: Mildred | Pronovias
Bolero: Custom | Maria Arteaga
Sash: Kiki | Abby Lynn Bridal


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On August 7th, White Dress Bridal Boutique will be celebrating two terrific years! Can you believe it?! Wow time has flown by…


From under construction…

…to on top of the world!

Thank you to each and every bride who has believed in our service and selection enough to book an appointment… to each and every bride who has said YES! to her dress at our boutique… and to each and every bride who has taken the time to tell others about their experience with our team. We are so thankful for you all!

Like a fine wine – things around here just keep getting better with time…
Cheers to two years and the many many more to come!

Local Love: Tammy Spice Jewelry

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Nothing’s better than super cute everyday jewelry except for super cute everyday jewelry designed here locally! That’s why we love local designer Tammy Spice! Over 50 unique pieces are currently available at White Dress and our brides tell us these beautiful baubles make the perfect bridesmaid gift, vendor gift, or, even a treat to yourself (you know you deserve it with all this planning you’ve been doing!).

Stop by today, tomorrow, or Sunday – no appointment needed – to view the collection. All Tammy Spice sparkle is $25 or less.

Have You Met Heidi?

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Brides Love Working With Heidi…

“I had a wonderful experience while at White Dress! Heidi was amazing to work with, and really listened to what I was looking for. She showed me different things to each dress that I may not have noticed or thought of, which helped me narrow it down to the dress I said yes to! I would highly recommend going to White Dress Bridal!”
– Brianna W

“By far the best bridal boutique! I had the best appointment with Heidi. The feel and atmosphere of this boutique gives you everything you hope for in your dress shopping experience. The ladies who work here are also very knowledgeable about their inventory, helpful, and supportive of the bride the whole time. I came to this store first and found my dress by the fourth one I tried on and didn’t need to go anywhere else. I thought the process of dress shopping would take all day and end up being a stressful decision, but at White Dress it was completely the opposite. I love this store! It’s the only boutique you’ll need to visit while dress shopping.”
– Erica H

“I had a wonderful experience at White Dress Bridal. I could not have asked for a better experience! My consultant was Heidi, and she was so wonderful to work with. I ended up saying yes to the dress here! Everyone at White Dress made me and my guests feel welcomed and comfortable throughout our time there. I would highly recommend this boutique not only for their beautiful selection of gowns, but also for their astounding customer service! Thank you White Dress Bridal! 

“Where to start!? White dress has an amazing staff and selection of dresses to offer. Heidi was more than helpful during the process and provided excellent tips and resources for me. I cannot express the gratitude I have for this establishment! Classy and modern- a hidden gem!”
– Em S

“Heidi was a true professional and expert! The service and selection was second to none. I would highly recommend for any bride looking for a high end product without the snooty sales people!”
– Brianne T

“I had the best experience at White Dress Boutique! No other bridal salons compare to the ambiance or service at White Dress. On top of the quality, fashion forward, and diverse selection of dresses, the whole experience made me so happy to purchase my dress from White Dress Boutique! Heidi provided excellent service and helped me find the dress of my dreams! I would recommend White Dress Boutique to all brides!”
– Maggie G

…And Heidi Loves Working With Brides!

Heidi Martin has been a mainstay in the Milwaukee boutique fashion scene for over twenty years.

Primarily focused on special occasion and bridal, Heidi has worn many hats, including personal shopper, buyer, manager, and even owner, but her favorite role is working closely with brides to help choose the perfect look for their special day.

“I love hearing the stories from each bride about her wedding plans – each one is different and exciting!” Outside of the boutique, Heidi enjoys being on-the-go, cooking for her family, and spending quality time with her husband and two teenagers.

Heidi’s Current Favorite: Drinam by Pronovias

To request a Bridal Appointment with Heidi, give us a call today!

Passport To Perfection: Destination Weddings

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Having just wrapped up a very special Bridal Appointment with a lovely lady tying the knot in Italy next Summer (Saluti!), we can’t help but be daydreaming of destination weddings today!

Here are few styled shoots and real weddings sure to inspire all of our brides with worldwide wanderlust

Elegant & Stylish Sorrento Destination Wedding (featuring Pronovias)

Luxury Destination Wedding Inspiration From Greece (featuring Christos)

Unbelievably Gorgeous Destination Wedding In Israel (featuring Maggie Sottero)

Naturally Modern Moroccan Wedding At Kasbah Bab Ourika (featuring Pronovias)


A Gorgeous Destination Wedding In Ibiza With A Watters Gown (featuring Watters)


Love In The City Styled Wedding Shoot: Sydney, Australia (Similar To Dress Featured: Sottero and Midgley – arriving Fall 2018!)

DOUBLE WHAMMY! This Globetrotting Couple Couldn’t Decide Between A Wedding In London and One in Belize – So They Had Both! (featuring Christos)

…and a very special Cheers! once again to #whitedressmkebride, Courtney, who said yes to her dress this morning! We cannot wait for you to share photos of your Italian paradise wedding!

A Note From The Owner: Thank You!

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I am so honored and thrilled that so many #whitedressmkebrides and Wisconsin Bride Magazine readers have voted White Dress Bridal Boutique “BEST LUXURY BRIDAL GOWNS” in Wisconsin! Two years ago, I embarked on a journey  in business that has simply surpassed all expectations.

What started as a dream to deliver THE best bridal dress shopping experience while providing brides across Milwaukee with high quality wedding dresses has become a reality. I wake up every morning and go to bed each night so thankful for my family for their support, for our incredible team at the boutique, thankful for each bride who puts her confidence in us regarding one of the most special dress purchases of her life, and thankful to be the owner of a local small business in one of the most flourishing, future-focused cities in the country.

And, not least of all, I am thankful for the outstanding wedding industry professionals around the state who help to complete our bride’s vision for her ceremony & celebration. So many have become such great partners in business and also personal friends of mine. Your support is appreciated and, no doubt, played a part in this exciting achievement!

Cheers to all of the Wisconsin Bride Magazine Best of 2017 Winners!

Join Our Dream Team!

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White Dress Bridal Boutique is looking to add a new member to the dream team in the form of a BOOKKEEPER!

To apply, please email your résumé to Christina Wegner:

Position is part-time with flexible M-F hours | Minimum of 2-3 years bridal (or retail) bookkeeping experience required for consideration | Will be highly proficient in QuickBooks, Excel, and MS Word | Must be extremely organized (seriously )

Position Available For Hire Immediately

Back To Basics – But Better.

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Some bridal styles seem to transcend the trends. Whether it’s the strapless dress or the peep toe pump, there are plenty of ways to make these ever-popular bridal styles totally your own!

Here are a few of our favorite ways to go back to basics – but better:

The Basic: Strapless or Off-The-Shoulder Neckline
Look for a style that covertly keeps you covered and comfortable while giving that classic look of strapless or off-the-shoulder. With illusion, there’s no more tugging and pulling up. Bonus: Technically your shoulders are covered. You’re welcome, Grandma 😉

The Basic: Column or Sheath Silhouette
Enjoy the slimmer style of a sheath silhouette AND your princess moment by adding a detachable overskirt to your dress. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it, too?!

The Basic: Show-stopping Train

Nothing says “this is my WEDDING dress” quite like the dramatic bridal train. Add even more WOW to this style element with details like scalloped lace, beaded edging, or a removable watteau style train. Swoon!



The Basic: Great Structure/Boning
Quality often comes in the form of great structure or boning. While appreciation of this feature is something that is typically reserved for the bride alone (felt but not seen), designers like Angel Rivera and Randy Fenoli are showing off this beloved feature in the form of exposed corsets. Tres chic!


The Basic: Peep-Toe Pump
Chances are, your MOH is scheduling a day-before pedi for you and your gals. This is of particular importance if you plan on donning the seemingly ubiquitous peep toe pump beneath your hem. We love this shoe style already… add sparkle and we’re simply smitten!

How do you plan on getting back to basics – but better? Let us know in the comments below…

Designers Featured From Top To Bottom: Pronovias, Watters, Theia, Enzoani, Chic Nostalgia, Pronovias, Angel Rivera, Randy Fenoli, Badgley Mischka, Nina Shoes

All Eyes On Angel Rivera

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Year after year, season after season, the men and women behind the bridal gowns at White Dress Bridal Boutique work tirelessly to create pieces of wearable art that will appeal to women celebrating that most special moment of marriage. From sketching an initial design idea to sourcing materials, to sewing the garments by hand, to sending the dresses our way (sometimes from overseas) we can’t help but admire the dedication and deft skill it takes to become an accomplished wedding dress designer. Cue Angel Rivera… this man is unstoppable!

When we first laid eyes and hands on Angel Rivera’s Fall 2017 collection, we knew it would delight even Milwaukee’s most discerning brides. Meticulous craftsmanship with crystals and beading make for irresistible sparkle while delicate lace and plush tulle skirts simply beg to be touched. Made to measure and named after the world’s must-see destinations (think Maldives, Paris, and Tahiti), the dresses are undoubtedly fit for the woman ready to take over the world!

Take a sneak peak below…

Milwaukee Downtown Dining Week

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One of the best parts of being located downtown is being surrounded by countless restaurants and cafés! This is especially fun during Milwaukee Downtown Dining Week, happening now through June 8, 2017!

For eight days, you’ll enjoy three-course meals at $12.50 for lunch and $25 or $35 for dinner. Dress shop til you drop and follow it up with a fabulous lunch or dinner at any of these nearby eateries:

We’re hungry just thinking about it…

You’re Invited!

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Your closest loved ones are basking in sunshine, bringing out the best in a backdrop of orange, red, and marooned leaves… you’re wrapped in your fur and holding your honey tight… the crisp air is blowing gently through your soft, face-framing curls when you step outside for the first time as newlyweds… It’s the perfect setting for your Fall 2017 wedding, and you don’t want anyone missing out. It’s time to send some invitations!

The time-tested standard for sending invitations to your guests is 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date. In order to leave enough time for your stationer to design and produce your invites, invitation planning for a Fall wedding should begin in May or June.

Like any aspect of wedding planning, there are trends you’ll likely consider and classic elements you’ll want to include in your invitations. What will matter most when guests open your invites (and your save the dates and your dinner menu and your thank you notes!) is: Does this invitation look and feel like my friends [insert you and your spouse-to-be’s names here]? Be true to yourselves as a couple! If you and yours reflect a mod, minimalist aesthetic, focus on texture, finding quality papers, killer font pairings, and spot on wording. If you embrace a soft, natural vibe in your everyday routine, hire an experienced hand-calligrapher, go all out on watercolor, geode motifs, or florals. You may even consider including real greenery and a linen liner in your invite package! You. Do. You.

Working with a standout professional in the invites department, like our friends, Elizabeth and Denise at Coqui Paperie & Gifts Boutique, is a must as they will be able to make your vision come to life – whatever that vision may be! We think these 2017 designs strike all the write notes… 😉

More trend-spotting invitation inspiration below…

Elegant Wedding Invites
Bridal Guide


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One of our favorite things about going to market in Chicago and New York each year is meeting new designers and bringing their best styles home for our Milwaukee brides… especially when those designers hail from right here in the midwest!

Earlier this spring, we had the pleasure of meeting with Kelly Faetanini and Randy Fenoli (a name you may recognize from the smash hit program “Say Yes to the Dress“).  We could not be more excited to announce our exclusive partnership with both of these incredible individuals!

Kelly Faetanini
Kelly’s passion for fashion began when she learned the art of tailoring from her grandmother in Sandusky, Ohio. Staying right in the heart of the Great Lakes states, Kelly enrolled in the International Academy of Design & Technology in Chicago where she graduated with a degree in Fashion Design in 2006.

Her eponymous brand launched in 2012 and has since become synonymous with femininity, elegance and the essence of a classic soul with a modern twist. Keeping her customers in mind, many of her gowns feature customizable beading, detachable necklines, and special corsetry technology for the perfect fit.

White Dress is proud to be an official Kelly Faetanini Bridal Location with styles from her newest collection, as well as top styles from 2016 and 2015, arriving this fall!

Kelly’s sole mission is to  ‘To make every bride’s dream come true / To inspire moments of optimism and happiness / To create value and make a difference’ …need we say more?!

Randy Fenoli
Randy Fenoli in person is everything you would expect and more! Greeted with an exuberant “Hello, Beautiful!” and the cutest little poochie smiling back at us, we were smitten. Randy’s charm is simply infectious and his dresses are simply stunning.


Just a few hours south of Milwaukee, on a cattle farm in Southern Illinois, Randy taught himself to sew at the early age of 9. Since then, he has become one of the most trusted sources in the entire bridal industry. And, for good reason! Randy graduated from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology with a number of awards in tow. Adding to his awards shelf, he received two DEBI (Design Excellence in the Bridal Industry) awards for his first two garment collections.  From 2007-2012 Randy worked as Fashion Director at New York’s Kleinfeld Bridal Salon where he would consult with nearly 15,000 brides a year. Today, he is seen by millions of viewers every week as the star of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress”, “Big Bliss”, “Randy Knows Best”, and “Randy to the Rescue”.

It only makes sense that, earlier this year, Randy launched his first eponymous wedding dress collection, Randy Fenoli Bridal. The glamorous gowns feature luxe embellishments, like tonal beading, and soft, flowing layers. “A wedding gown is the most important piece of clothing a woman will ever wear, so to be able to create something she loves is the most rewarding feeling for me. My deep connection to brides inspired each piece in my premiere collection, and I am truly honored to be a part of making a woman feel her most beautiful,” Fenoli says.

Styles from both designers’ newest collections will be arriving at White Dress Bridal Boutique Fall 2017. Be sure to follow our blog weekly for – you guessed it – the details!

Bridal Accessories: 3 Combos We’re Loving For Fall/Winter 2017

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Like bubbles bouncing around in a freshly poured glass of champagne, wedding accessories are one of those little things that should bring you joy on your wedding day! They should feel easy, effortless, special, and sophisticated.

If, however, you’re feeling overwhelmed with the options (everyone from Claire’s to Cartier caters to brides these days…), consider narrowing down your style with one of the following fail-proof combinations:

Opposites Attract
Mini stud earrings (Sara Gabriel) + Cathedral length veil (Sara Gabriel)












That’s a Wrap!
Wrap around headpiece (Maria Elena) + Fur wrap (Linda Richards) + Bejeweled belt (Abby Lynn Bridal)





Pearls, Pearls, Pearls
Pearl studded birdcage (Sara Gabriel) + Drop pearl earrings (Sara Gabriel) + Drop pearl necklace (Sara Gabriel)












Many of the pieces featured above are part of Sara Gabriel‘s bridal accessories collection at White Dress Bridal Boutique. We are super excited to welcome Sara to Milwaukee next weekend! She’ll be here to personally help you complete your head to hem look (no matter where you purchased your dress!). If you haven’t booked your private appointment with her yet, head on over to the “Book Your Appointment” page and select an available Accessories Appointment time Friday 05/19 – Sunday, 05/21.

We can’t wait to see your sparkle!

The Stitch Sitch

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Dress Designer and Boutique Operations Director, Abby Janiszewski,
constructing a perfectly pink beaded tulle dress

More than anything, we know you’re looking for a wedding dress that flatters your figure. Of course, the neckline, the sleeve type, the silhouette, and even the color will impact the way a dress looks on one body type or another; but, did you know that the kind of fabric can also totally change the appeal of a gown? Not all sheaths are created equal! If you’ve ever pondered peau de soie or considered crepe (or you’ve never heard of either), head on over to The Knot’s Fabric Glossary for the lowdown on high-end fabrics.

If you have questions about a style you’ve spotted online, our well-versed stylists are happy to help you decipher the stitch sitch on any of our designer dresses… just call!

Looking Beyond Pinspiration…

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You’ve probably heard that the best things to do when shopping for your wedding dress are a) keep an open mind and b) relay some sort of a vision for your big day (even if that vision is just things you know you don’t want). Often, well before your dress shopping appointment, your vision has been manifested on some sort of Pinterest board, made up of dozens of images found on, well, Pinterest. But, where else can you look for wedding day style revelations? We’ve put together a list of 5 places that don’t include “boards”, “likes”, or “followers”. No devices needed…

There’s just something about the feeling of a page in your hand and the smell of new paper that really drawers a reader in. We all love The Knot, BRIDES, Wisconsin Bride, Veil Magazine, Modern Luxury Weddings, Inside Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings… the list goes on and on! But when you’re feeling total bridal burnout, flip the pages on something totally off topic.

To find the latest trends in edible fare, try a local magazine, which will often feature new restaurants opening in your area.

For floral and tablescape inspiration, turn to your favorite architecture or home and garden magazine. If you look early enough, you may just find you have time to plant and prune your own flowers… talk about a personal touch!

Wondering where to look (besides the internet) for fashion inspiration? Head to your nearest bookstore for reads like InStyle, Vogue, or Harper’s Bazaar. Not only will your style imagination be sparked by all of the couture clothing and beautiful baubles, but you may just fall in love with a new color pairing idea, a sophisticated typography you can use for your invitations, or even a daring photo composition that would capture you and your loved one perfectly! Tres chic!

Home Sweet Home
Sometimes what you’re looking for is right under your nose! Doing a little deep dive at home is a fantastic way to generate a vision for your wedding that will feel both authentic and inspired. Open your memory box, your closet, your makeup drawer, your DVR! Finding a lot of saved concert tickets and recorded episodes of The Voice? How could that play into your overall vision for your wedding celebration? If your every day style is bursting with bright pops of color in the form of purple purses and cherry red lipsticks, perhaps that ‘all white palette’ trend you’ve been debating isn’t for you after all.

Museums & Botanical Gardens
Turn off your magic box – it’s time for a real adventure! Whether by foot, bike, or car, getting out and seeing your city’s museums, botanical gardens, historical buildings, and legendary landmarks is a wonderful way to discover new ideas for your nuptials. Showing off your corner of the world is a surefire way to treat out of town guests and is something longtime residents will appreciate. If you’re getting married in Milwaukee, consider preceding your rehearsal dinner with a brewery tour or hosting ‘the-day-after brunch’ picnic style overlooking the shores of Lake Michigan. The world is your oyster…

Your Playlist
…Ok, so this technically involves an electronic device of some sort, but, the point is to use your eyes AND ears when thinking about what moves you, what makes you feel love. Is there a song that you and your loved one consider to be “yours”? Where were you when you first heard it? Are you humming along to acoustic country or jamming out to jazz symphonies? Is there a favorite lyric that could be used as a quote on your programs or cocktail napkins?  Going through your playlist could also help you pick “must-have” songs for your reception. Who cares if you’re still toe-tapping every time BSB’s “As Long As You Love Me” comes on. If music makes you smile, run with it!

[Insert Vacation Spot Here]

When all else fails, plan a getaway. A personal retreat to “anywhere but here” or a week long stay with loved ones will recharge your planning batteries. NOT intentionally thinking about the details of your big day for a while may just be the thing you need to get back to the drawing board (or Pinterest board) feeling refreshed and reinvigorated! We’re getting the travel bug just thinking about it…

Badgley Mischka Shoes Waltzing In To White Dress

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Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life!

…and what pair could be more life-changing than the ones you’ll wear on your wedding day?!


To accompany our world class selection of wedding dresses, this spring, White Dress Bridal Boutique will be launching a stunning collection of Badgley Mischka wedding shoes. The perfect complement to any wedding dress, these glam bridal shoes are made of the finest materials with expert craftsmanship and high-style to make your wedding day extra special.

Just like a wedding dress, wedding shoes should be seen up close, should be touched, and should be tried on before buying. That’s why, once again, we are committed to bringing the best of the best to you at our boutique here in Milwaukee. Whether you are searching for that sparkly stiletto showstopper, or a silky smooth slip-on flat, let us know which Badgley Mischka soles speak to your style soul in the comments below.  Then, book your accessories appointment* to be one of the first to snag these wedding day must-haves!

*Shoes will be available to try and buy beginning mid-May 2017. For questions about shoe availability at White Dress Bridal Boutique, please call 414-897-7208.


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We are super excited to announce our newest service offering to Milwaukee area brides on a budget (which, we realize, is nearly every single bride!). Drumroll, please…….

Yes! Starting April 14th, White Dress Bridal Boutique will be offering full 90 minute appointments to brides who wish to view our collection of sample dresses and discontinued styles. Over 50 dresses will be available to try on and take home same day for $500.

Here’s everything you need to know about $500 Fridays:

  • This appointment is an excellent option for brides with Summer or early Fall 2017 wedding dates!
  • Brides booking a $500 Fridays Appointment will be shown only the collection of dresses available for $500. All other aspects of the experience will be full service.
  • $500 Fridays dresses are sample dresses, so they range from Size 10 – 24 with the vast majority being a bridal size 10 or 12.
  • $500 Fridays dresses are not available to order new.
  • $500 Fridays dresses must be paid for in full, day of.
  • $500 Fridays dresses should leave the boutique day of purchase.
  • If after your $500 Fridays appointment, you wish to see other dresses at the boutique, we’ll invite you to make a separate Bridal Appointment to do so.

As if you needed another reason to love Fridays, right?! 😉
Our suites fill up quickly each week… book your appointment today!

What’s In The Window?

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Once in a while, a dress comes along that just begs for a 2nd look. You know the kind… that “practically fall off the sidewalk, swerve across the lane line staring, “Where’s my phone? I need a picture of that dress!” dress.  Well, there’s no denying that this blush bombshell of a wedding dress is that kind of dress:


This gorgeous gown is part of Romona Keveza’s Spring 2017 Legends collection, available exclusively in Milwaukee at White Dress Bridal Boutique.

Our favorite feature on this particular style is hard to choose… the high boat-neckline is a rare detail that, while modest, still manages to be romantic in the best way. Offset by the relatively low, modern square cut back, the dress shows off just enough to elicit that bridal “Wow!” moment as you saunter down the aisle toward the love of your life. Swoon!

Not to be unappreciated is the stunningly soft silk-shantung taffeta material used in the creation of this ballgown. Once again, the fabric quality alone of this Legends by Romona Keveza style is enough for this dress to be considered a must-see by brides wishing to don an ultra-feminine, old-fashioned (but never old-timey) style. Oh, and pockets? They’re there! Romona thinks of everything…

Now, let’s talk about that lace for a moment…

Cascading 360 degrees around the mid-section of this dress you’ll find a lace appliqué that flatters every figure. Perfection -plain and simple.

A detail that we especially love? The way the lace just barely peeks over the back, suggesting a sort of organic shape to the whole design that is utterly irresistible.

Accenting the line of the dress is Renee Pawele’s Nikki Lariat… for this “La Vie En Rose” inspired gown, we’ve chosen it in rose gold, of course! This dress is also available to order in ivory.

Next time you’re wooed by our window wearings, drop us a line with the subject: “What’s In The Window?” We’ll feature your inquiry (and give you all The Details) right here on our blog.

Designer “Did You Know”: Enzoani

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Next weekend (March 31 – April 2), White Dress Bridal Boutique will be hosting its first Enzoani Designer Preview. A newer collection to the boutique, Enzoani dresses have already become some of the most popular among 2017 and 2018 Milwaukee brides.  So, what kind of bride does Enzoani design for? And, what kind of features can brides expect in an Enzoani wedding dress?

The Enzoani brand emerged in 2006, and quickly rose to compete with top brands by merging traditional and modern European styles into exquisitely handcrafted gowns. From its initial launch, Enzoani has become one of the most sought-after brands across multiple continents due to its dedication to innovative style, exceptional quality, and above all, a fit and finish like no other. White Dress Bridal Boutique currently carries styles from the exclusive flagship collection, “Enzoani”.

The Enzoani Collection Bride: The exclusive flagship collection, “Enzoani”, features elegant wedding dresses that symbolize the brand’s signature style. The Enzoani range is carefully created for sophisticated brides, who long for luxury on their big day.

Signature Enzoani Style Features: Creative Director Kang Chun Lin carefully constructs dresses that have an air of romance and grace, while also incorporating fashion-forward, innovative designs inspired by European trends.

Contemporary designs are combined with classic touches to create dresses which every bride dreams of wearing on her wedding day. Enzoani offers brides a unique range of couture wedding dresses. Since 2009, Dakota has been, and continues to be, a truly treasured style.

From sleek silhouettes to full A-line wedding dresses, the internationally recognized collection offers gowns for brides of all shapes and sizes.
Enzoani Customizations: Enzoani does do custom designs for Enzoani Collection, which means you can change almost anything on any of our Enzoani gowns!

Think you’re an Enzoani bride? Put together your dream dress look head to hem while you meet with longtime representative and expert Enzoani stylist, Ellen, next weekend… book your appointment now!